Waxing in Rexburg & Idaho Falls

Please check online or call to request a waxing appointment.
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The Brazilian wax in Rexburg and Idaho Falls is the most popular waxing service that we offer.

Back waxing and ear waxing is the most popular men’s waxing service that we do.

Waxing Guidelines

Shower and lightly exfoliate the area you plan on
waxing right before your appointment using
WARM water. Make sure you are extra clean!
Avoid any lotions or oils on the area before
Hair should be the size of a grain of rice before
being waxed. Try to keep hair as close to the
appropriate length as possible by trimming to
that length beforehand or being patient and
waiting for it to be at that length. This will make
your appointment go faster and easier for both
you and your esthetician. (We recommended
growing out your hair for AT LEAST 3-4 weeks)
Understand that waxing can be painful and there
are side effects but our skilled technicians will do
everything they can to make sure you are
comfortable and your waxing experience is a
good one!
Optional: Take a pain killer, like Tylenol 30-45
minutes before your appointment if you’re
worried about pain.
(Aspirin and Ibuprofen we don’t recommend
because they are both known to thin blood)

Don’t wear tight fitting clothing for the next
few days so the area can breathe.
Try not to touch freshly waxed skin to ensure
the area remains clean.
Avoid hot showers, sun exposure and excessive
exercise/sweating for 2 Hours before and 12
hours after waxing. WEAR THAT SUNSCREEN!
Avoid exfoliating waxed area until 2 days after
waxing. On day 2 it is important that you DO
exfoliate and well to avoid ingrown hairs
Histamine reactions or “The Chicken Plucked
Look” are normal and should go away 2-3
hours after waxing. If histamine reactions are
normal for you taking an antihistamine is
acceptable before or after waxing.
Normal reactions from waxing include:
redness, pimples, breakouts, rashes, itching,
stubble on legs. If you have concerns about
any reactions you may be having from waxing
don’t hesitate to call!
(For Brazilians) Sexual activity should be
avoided for the next 24 hours