Cure Touch Massage Therapy has two payment programs. Details listed below will help you understand which category you fall into.


When you are paying our discounted self-pay rates in full at the time of service or within 30 days you fall under the self-pay program. This would also be used when you are submitting your paid services to an insurance company for direct reimbursement. This plan does not require 3rd party billing or reporting on our part.

For Self-Pay services we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, HSA/FSA/HRA Debit Cards*, local checks and cash.

* Please verify that massage is covered with your HSA, FSA, HRA provider


By purchasing packages, you have pre-paid services available that do not expire, so you can use them whenever and however you choose. Packages may include enhancements to your massage or include other services such as facials, waxing or skin care.


We offer discounts for purchasing multiple massages in advance. Please see our online order page for details: See Details

Referral Incentives
We love your referrals and reward you with discounts towards your next purchase for each referral. Refer to our online referral program to get started. CLICK HERE .

Birthday Discount
We offer a free massage enhancement add-on good toward any massage session during your birthday week. Please let us know prior to your appointment.

Special Offers
Find our occasional coupons or online specials on Facebook, Yelp, print, and local advertising.


When we bill a 3rd party directly or can expect payment in no less than 30 days, your treatment falls under this program. We bill usual and customary fees for our clinical services and these fees will vary from our self-pay fees. As part of this program, we provide treatment notes, billing invoices and other requested documentation that your insurance, attorney or other professionals require. Payment can often take several months to collect and may not always be paid from your insurance. Clients are responsible for payment in full if insurance denies your claim.

Please mention at the time you schedule your appointment that you intend to have us bill insurance. We will schedule your appointment a few days out, but we must verify your benefits before providing the treatment. If we have not verified your benefits for massage treatments, we will require you to pay our self-pay fee at the time of service.

Auto Insurance
If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Idaho your auto insurance will cover clinical massage therapy. We accept most motor vehicle accident claims and require the following information upon scheduling to verify benefits:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • A claim number and date of accident
  • Insurance phone number and policy number
  • A written referral or prescription, including a diagnosis, from your medical professional (physician, physical therapist, chiropractor or other licensed professional)

Health Insurance

We accept health insurance on a case by case bases but we ask that you confirm with your provider to verify that massage therapy is provided. In general, most health insurance does not provide coverage for clinical massage.